Professional management panel

Professional Management Panel

User management

Defining user groups, managing roles and advanced role-based access control, in this way you can change different administrative sections and create different user roles.

Management reports

The possibility of generating reports with various filters and outputting user data such as sales statistics, financial reports, reports of educational activities and grades by course in excel, csv and pdf formats

Course Management

Uploading educational content and setting how learners access the content is easily possible in Frayad LMS. With this tool, you can conduct your training courses in a self-paced or synchronized manner.

Course access control

Advanced control in how users access courses based on prerequisites and co-requisites and specific user conditions such as gender, age or group membership

Learning Path design

The possibility of designing a learning path with automatic control of the order and sequence of learners’ access to the educational activities of the course based on the completion or non-completion of the previous activities

Training event management

If you wish, you can organize an online or face-to-face training event with the help of this tool. It is enough to specify the time, place and capacity of the event and determine the price of the ticket to participate in the event in the system. You can use this module to sell tickets for conferences, seminars and all kinds of in-person or online events.

Notification management

You can send group messages to your audience with the help of Faryad’s in-app LMS notification tool. Received messages will be visible in each user’s personal message box.

Blog management

To insert news, announcements or related articles, the blog system has been designed in an integrated way with Faryad’s LMS system. The ability to categorize news and articles by topic is one of the features of this module.

ticket management

Ability to define handling departments and display them to users to send support requests from system users.

Feedback management

Viewing the comments and points registered by users under each training course with the possibility of replying by the system administrator