Organizing organizational training courses

The successful holding of a training course requires the availability of various factors. Frayad is by your side in all stages of content production, uploading and implementation of online training courses, relying on its executive power and technical facilities and equipment. Farayad Group is ready according to the needs of your organization in all stages of educational needs assessment, writing lesson plan, producing educational content, uploading content in LMS and inserting announcements and setting important dates of the course, as well as playing a role in the notification and telephone and text support of users. slow

Frayad services in the field

Organizational training courses

Professional and well-equipped studio

Professional and equipped studio

Educational content production including videos, text content and podcasts can be done in the Frayad educational content production department according to the needs assessment carried out in your organization.

Load Content

Load content

Educational content, including videos, text booklets, and test question banks, are created by Farayad experts, and important course dates, explanations, and course announcements are created on the course page.



Answering users’ technical questions and providing the necessary guidance on how to participate in the course according to your organization’s needs can be done by the Frayad support team through the Frayad call center or online chat.


Provide statistics and reports

Presentation of statistics and reports

At the end of each training course, a comprehensive report of the learners, the amount of use of teaching resources, test scores and other similar items is prepared and presented.