Educational app

Mobile App

Dedicated application

In order to facilitate users’ access, the application for smart phones can be presented in an attractive format, under your organization’s logo and theme, in harmony with the web version.

Download and view content offline

If needed, you can enable the ability to download educational videos and view content offline exclusively for mobile application users. In this case, the downloaded version will only be playable in the Faryad application.

Video Bookmark

The ability to bookmark and insert personal notes in certain moments of the educational video for comprehensive review and future reference to the educational video is only possible in the app version.

Classmate sharing application

In addition to the exclusive version of the Faryad App, which is provided according to the needs of customers, a subscription version of the application for the use of schools has been prepared and published. Also, the ability to maintain several user accounts for the simultaneous use of a mobile phone by several students is provided in this application.

Login by scanning the QR code

It is possible to enter the application by scanning the QR code in the web version

Send Notification

Permanent access to learners and the possibility of sending group notifications to inform educational events are among the advantages of using the application version of the system.

User-friendly design

Beautiful and user-friendly design for all types of Android and iOS systems